September 30, 2010

Vintage Finds

I LOVE vintage furniture. LOVE. I see almost no reason to buy new, there are so many more beautiful options in vintage.

I spent an hour yesterday visiting two consignment shops in my town. Consignment stores can be overwhelming, because they're usually big warehouse-type spaces bursting at the seams with stuff. But in just an hour, I found several things I would have taken home with me for use in future projects, if I had a place to store them!

Forgive the iPhone photos...

This highboy was in perfect condition.

I haven't had the guts to paint any of my own vintage furniture yet-- I like the traditional look of wood, and I feel like I'd be ruining some piece of history if I cover up the original finish. But something about this sideboard just screams "paint me!"


 The lines on this desk/vanity are so beautiful and unique.

I especially like the legs on this coffee table, and the little gold feet.

I also found some smaller accessories to love. I have a thing for empty gilt frames.

The picture does not do this teacup and saucer justice. I'm trying to convince myself it would make good jewelry storage.

P.S. Don't forget-- today is the last day to enter the Blomma giveaway!


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Nothing is better then a day searching for vintage treasures...

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